Belonging Brant Project

What does belonging mean to you? what does connecting with your community look like to you?
If you sat down with your neighbor, what is the first thing you would want them to know about you?
A series of artworks I was hired to do for Belonging Brant.

Celebrating Black Hair

The zine brought together amazing Black artists to express their journey and love of having Afro-textured hair.
Here are my artworks that were contributed.


The Fruits of a Spirit

Winx Club: TBC

Throughout A Day

Group Photo

Fantasy and the Unseen

Deborah (D.W.)

D.W. is a predominantly digital illustrator, comic artist, and writer.
She loves character designing, playing the sims4, and going for bike rides 🚲

T-shirt collab with ZBTFD

In 2021, I collaborated with Zbtfd to design a t-shirt design along with other artists in theBrantford community. Below was the design and link to the website.

Eclipse Zine Collab

In 2020 I participated in a zine project dedicated to promoting Black femininity and Femhood.
Below is the cover of the zine, my contribution, and a link to the pdf file of the zine.

Break The Muzzle Fundraiser

In 2020, I and other Black artists came together to create stickers to raise funds for the BLM movement. Below is one of my artworks to the fundraiser and a link to the isntagram post.

TH&B Crossing Bridge Project

In the Fall of 2023, I and artists within the community, collaborated with the City of Brantford to paint a beloved city bridge.
It was a lot of fun!!